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Hugo/Robyn Le Brigand in Sans Culotte, a ‘solo for two butt cheeks and one anus’. Photo © Franzi Kreis


Imagetanz 2019

By Claire Lefèvre | 17.04.19

Up close and personal with a lot of orifices at Vienna’s 30th Imagetanz Festival

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Dance scene from Norodom Sihanouk’s 1969 Cambodian film, La Joie de Vivre.


Dance+: La Joie de Vivre

By Ka Bradley | 15.04.19

Wedged between independence and genocide, a Cambodian dance scene shows that loving life is precious – and takes practice

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Photo of Jefta van Dinther’s The Quiet


Jefta van Dinther: The Quiet

By Annette van Zwoll | 06.04.19

Quantum leaps in time… a mysterious world holds on to its secrets

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Yukiko Masui / Léa Tirabasso

By Ka Bradley | 25.03.19

A double bill that contrasts mental anguish with physical recklessness

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The Symptoms’ 2017 revival of You Trash! in Budapest


Trash aesthetic:
Meet The Symptoms

By Lena Megyeri | 14.03.19

What is waste? Who is trash? Réka Szabó and Dániel Szász of The Symptoms speak about recycling a street performance

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Susie (Dakota Johnson) in the first dance scene from Luca Guadgnino’s Suspiria (2018)


Dance+: Luca Guadagnino’s Suspiria

By Jelena Mihelčić | 01.03.19

Toil and trouble brews in a cavernous, covenous dance company

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London International Mime Festival 2019

By Ka Bradley | 12.02.19

Using language and losing language: Theatre Re, Gecko and Peeping Tom at the 2019 London International Mime Festival

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Taiwan Dance Platform 2018

By Sanjoy Roy | 29.01.19

The 2018 Taiwan Dance Platform was ‘made in Asia’, but even more international in scope

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