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Lucy Suggate’s Spirit Compass, at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Newcastle, UK. Photo © Tui Makkonen


The Continuous Network: capillary action of dance into galleries

A four-year UK collaboration between Siobhan Davies Dance and BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art asks: why take dance into art galleries, and what can happen when you do?

Time Icon Pink   7 min
Online, offline and in line: Chinese schoolchildren learn the shuffle


Dance+: Dancing in the schoolyard

T-step on the tarmac? An innovative school principal goes viral with his plan to get kids moving

Time Icon Pink   3 min
Daniela Cruz in Cristina Planas Leitão’s UM [unimal]. Photo © Susana Neves


PT19: On being, enduring and becoming the performing body

Controlling, uncovering and being the performer’s body, at the 2019 Portuguese Platform for Performing Arts

Time Icon Pink   5 min


Hodworks & Unusual Symptoms: Coexist

Fearless performers brace themselves in a questing, questioning work by Hodworks (HU) and Theater Bremen (DE)

Time Icon Pink   2 min
Mirjam Sögner at Montag Modus Berlin


Moving audiences: the Montag Modus event series

Berlin curator Léna Szirmay-Kalos on developing new formats for showcasing performance outside the theatre

Time Icon Pink   8 min
Woman on floor with microphone at POST-DANCE-ING 2019 conference, Stockholm


Postdancing in the dark

Posting from the POST-DANCE-ING conference in Stockholm 2019, Anna Kozonina asks: how did it work, what did it do?

Time Icon Pink   10 min
Scottish Dance Theatre in Ritualia, by Colette Sadler. Photo © Brian Hartley


Fringe cuts from Edinburgh 2019

A week of dance at the Edinburgh Fringe, as seen by Lena Megyeri at the 2019 NICritics programme for independent writers

Time Icon Pink   8 min


Dance+: Kung Fu Hustle

Slick, stylish, violent… the Axe Gang in Stephen Chow’s King Fu Hustle know how to cut a figure on the dance floor – and off it!

Time Icon Pink   4 min
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