Springback at the 2021 CODA Oslo International Dance Festival

In autumn 2021, Springback was fortunate in being able to attend the opening weekend of the CODA Oslo International Dance Festival (21–24 October), with the generous support of CODA and Performing Arts Hub Norway.

In Olso, we were able to hold an Assembly for a group of our international writers and thinkers, where we met with festival guests, artists, organisers, participants – and each other! – and also took part in a two-day workshop on collective critical writing led by Norwegian writers Hild Borchgrevink, Anette Therese Pettersen and Runa Boch Skolseg, which culminated in a public seminar the following day hosted by CODA. Thank you for all these connections!

Afterwards, several Springback writers reflected on a particular CODA performance of their choice. Read about them here to get a flavour of the range of works at the festival – and a range of responses to them.