Anna Kozonina, Finland

Anna Kozonina is a dance critic, researcher and curator based in Helsinki. Originally from Russia, since 2015 she has been observing the local contemporary dance scene and in 2021 published a book on experimental Russian dance with a focus on emerging choreographers and multidisciplinary projects that bring together dance, performance and visual arts. Since 2017 she has been reviewing pieces by various European choreographers. As well as obtaining an MA in Political Science and Linguistics, she studied dance history, performance theory, visual culture, curating and contemporary art. She is currently giving lectures on dance and performance theory, curating educational programmes, conducting research projects and writing about dance for several art magazines.

Media by Anna Kozonina
Read Icon A greenish translucent plastic sheet covers ghostly white figures inside, one of them pressing a dark palm against its surface


STHLM DANS: Curating outside the box

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Side Step Festival Helsinki

Read Icon A woman's body seen from the back, with tight printed blue-green top, and a silky light blue tie over sheer underwear


Ice Hot Nordic Dance: time to credit dance and controversy?

Read Icon Woman lying twisted on dark floor with dark background, almost as if suspended in air. A red/blue light highlights parts of her legs and one arm.


Baltic Dance Platform 2022: from intimate to social

Read Icon woman in tight olive-green shirt and bright yellow trousers, dark hair slicked and heavy eye makeup, one eye open, one eye closed. She twists towards the viewer, with hands held in fists


Helsinki’s Moving in November: pasts, pleasures, projections

Read Icon Isadorino Gore. Disability Knights. Photo by Victor Zhukov, 2015


Strange Russian dances

Read Icon Woman on floor with microphone at POST-DANCE-ING 2019 conference, Stockholm


Postdancing in the dark

Read Icon More guided tour than stage performance: Mette Ingvartsen in 69 Positions.


Hack me tender: Mette Ingvartsen’s Red Pieces

Read Icon Woman and man in dark green against dark background. Side by side, looking down.


Windows on Brussels Dance, 2022

Read Icon Mia Habib’s How to Die, Inopiné. Woman with cropped hair and outstretched arms is looking up in the foreground. She wears a grey unitard embroidered with lichen-like greys and oranges. In the background are four others, in similar costumes. Wooden pallets lie on the floor and there is smoke in the background.


CODA collection: four dances from Norway