Cath Carver


Cath Carver, UK

Cath Carver is a multi-disciplinary artist, curator, producer and writer from London.

Cath is fascinated by colour and specialises in the impact of colour on urban space, and colour culture across the arts. She is the founder of Colour Your City, which uses the power of colour to transform urban space and improve wellbeing. Colour Your City believe in dynamic, playful and imaginative urban space.

Music and dance play a large role in Cath's life. She DJs, produces and dances. She has played internationally at clubs, art exhibitions, launch parties and conscious dance events.

Cath has written for a variety of publications and events, including The Place's Resolution, Le Cool and Voice, and appeared on Netil Radio and Threads Radio.

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Dance+: Echoes, Ode to Silence