Charles A. Catherine, France

Charles Catherine was raised in Normandy and focused at an early age on three hobbies: movement, words, stories. He came to dance through ballet and modern jazz, before opting for contemporary and practising it at university level in Paris alongside studies in history, sociology and cultural policies. Writing was never far away – from academic papers to projects for plays, through to blogging about music, shows, artists, dancers… He began to choreograph in 2004 for university groups, write about stage productions in 2009 and graduated to writing for theatre in 2012. His last production, Gis_elle, was performed at the Théâtre Marigny (Paris) in February 2019. Dance journalism was a nautral development: he wanted to talk about shared emotions, the beauty of movement, technique, and to prove that dance is everywhere, and, above all necessary for thinking about the world.

Media by Charles A. Catherine
Read Icon Man and woman in shiny green shirts and shorts face each other in front of a big neon sign which says WELCOME. Compagnie La PP (Romane Peytavin and Pierre Piton) in Farewell Body.


Swiss Dance Days 2022

Read Icon Encantado by Lia Rodrigues. A ragged line of dancers swathed with exuberant multicoloured cloths and fabrics swirling all around them


Lia Rodrigues, body and soul

Read Icon Man (Hamid Ben Mahi) holding a clay lantern with smoke arising from it


Hamid Ben Mahi: Chronic(s) 2

Read Icon Wanjiru Kamuyu, An Immigrant's Story. Photo © Pierre Planchenault


Wanjiru Kamuyu, An Immigrant’s Story; Smaïl Kanouté, Never Twenty One

Read Icon Cie BurnOut in Jann Gallois’ Samsara


Jann Gallois: Samsara