Evgeny Borisenko, Germany

Evgeny Borisenko is a Berlin-based dance and theatre critic, playwright and human rights lawyer. He has been a freelance reporter for the Russian «Театр.» theatre magazine and numerous French online resources, and collaborated with Maria La Ribot. While working with the Council of Europe he has become an avid spectator of contemporary dance and theatre in France and all around Europe, and has understood he could do more than watching. Recently moved to Berlin, he is currently working on his first dance piece and is researching into the issues of hauntology, spectatorship and assembly politics in contemporary dance and performance. In 2018 he participated to the Springback Academy and started reporting to the Springback Magazine from Berlin.

Media by Evgeny Borisenko
Read Icon Claire Vivianne Sobottke, Michael Turinsky and Teresa Vittucci in We Bodies. Photo © Mayra Wallraff


Teresa Vittucci, Michael Turinsky, Claire Vivianne Sobottke: We Bodies

Read Icon Dançando com a Diferença in La Ribot’s Happy Island. Photo © Caroline Morel Fontaine


La Ribot / Dançando com a Diferença: Happy Island

Read Icon Photo of Nora Chipaumire: Portrait of Myself as My Father


Tanz im August talkabout #2: portrait of myself as my father (Nora Chipaumire), The Waves (Noé Soulier)

Read Icon Rosas The Six Brandenburg Concertos by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker


Rosas: The Six Brandenburg Concertos

Read Icon Crowd by Gisèle Vienne


Gisèle Vienne: Crowd

Read Icon All Eyes On… by Teresa Vittucci. Photo © Nelly Rodriguez


Queer Darlings 2019, Sophiensaele Berlin

Read Icon Grupo de Rua in Bruno Beltrão’s Inoah


Tanz im August talkabout #1: Inoah (Bruno Beltrão) and R. OSA (Silvia Gribaudi)

Read Icon Miet Warlop’s Fruits of Labor at Potsdamer Tanztage 2018


Potsdamer Tanztage
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