Georgia Howlett, United Kingdom

Georgia Howlett (UK/IT) is a dancer and writer based between the UK and Italy. She graduated from Central School of Ballet in London and since 2020 has been living in Rome to deepen her contemporary dance studies at Dance Arts Faculty. Georgia has performed contemporary and classical works by international choreographers as well as dance works for television and has choreographed pieces in collaboration with the Royal College of Music and Central St Martins University for Arts. Georgia contributes critical reviews and features for The Upcoming online culture magazine.

Media by Georgia Howlett
Read Icon Emma Stone in the dance scene from Poor Things (Yorgos Lanthimos, 2023). Screenshot courtesy of Searchlight Pictures


Dance+: Poor Things

Read Icon Sonya Lindfors’ One Drop. Photo © Tuukka Ervasti


Under Dance Umbrella 2023

Read Icon Valse à Newton, by French company Le grand jeté. Photo courtesy GDIF


Dancing (in the) City

Read Icon A dark figure in red top presses fingers against a translucent plastic screen that's splattered with blood

review, article

Is Marikiscrycrycry… a goner?

Read Icon On a tilted floor strewn with reddish grains a woman launches herself headlong and is caught by a man. In the background, other figures are running


Léa Tirabasso: Starving Dingoes

Read Icon In a dark room, a man is slipping off an armchair, looking upwards at the woman who has leaned forward to kiss - the armchair, not the man


Mime Time

Read Icon Reverie, by Georgia Tegou and Michalis Theophanous. Photo © Andreas Simopoulos


Georgia Tegou & Michalis Theophanous: Reverie

Read Icon Woman in gauzy top and underwear, man in dark trousers and open shirt, each in disco-pose with one arm up and the other out. Behind them are neon blue lights, and a yellow door, and the whole scene is soaked in dark red light.


Dance+: Ex Machina

Read Icon In an open-air stone courtyard backed by trees and sky, a woman in black trousers and vest looks skywards. Behind her, another woman in a black strap dress sings into a microphone


Dominio Pubblico: Senza Titolo Festival 2022