Greta Pieropan, Italy

Greta Pieropan has a background in Modern Philology and Literature Studies, with a focus on journalism and live performing arts. She works with festivals and dance companies on communicating dance to professional and non-professional audiences. Her personal research includes dance dramaturgy as a tool for the creative process and for developing a positive exchange between artists and audiences, and she’s also interested in researching new narratives for contemporary dance.

Media by Greta Pieropan
Read Icon On a white stage strewn with marshmallows, a small figure (Chiara Bersani) lies down in one corner, while from another a standing figure (Elena Sgarbossa) moves towards her.


Chiara Bersani/corpoceleste: Sottobosco

Read Icon Close up of face, to the left of the frame. One eye looks towards the right. Underneath the eye is cupped a metal spoon, almost as if it were directing the glance to the right


Local in Limerick

Read Icon Woman and man in dark green against dark background. Side by side, looking down.


Windows on Brussels Dance, 2022

Read Icon Mia Habib’s How to Die, Inopiné. Woman with cropped hair and outstretched arms is looking up in the foreground. She wears a grey unitard embroidered with lichen-like greys and oranges. In the background are four others, in similar costumes. Wooden pallets lie on the floor and there is smoke in the background.


CODA collection: four dances from Norway