Hang Huang, France

Hang Huang (FR) began his passion for dance with Wim Wenders’s film Pina. Ever since, he has watched numerous dance performances, from established names to emerging ones, in France as well as in other European countries. He started his blog dancevisa.com in 2018 and actively follows dance news online. In addition, with his marketing know-how, he volunteers for the French non-profit association Mécènes DanseAujourdhui and gives advice to certain dance-related artists. His dream is to become a true dance marketer engaging more people around the world to love and support dance.

Media by Hang Huang
Read Icon Carcaça (Carcass) by Marco da Silva Ferreira. Photo © José Caldeira


Marco da Silva Ferreira on Carcaça

Read Icon In a slanting spotlight on a shadowed stage, a man is perched perilously on top of a double-sided ladder that is falling


Richard Mascherin: Caer Caer Caer

Read Icon Yannis Brissot & Mei Chen, Very Tiny Little Drop of Wax. Photo g Nora Kirschmeier


Mei Chen, Yannis Brissot: Very Tiny Little Drop of Wax

Read Icon Four figures in a circle facing centre, just the upper bodies showing, each one with their head tilted back and mouth open, as if crowing to the skies


Maija Hirvanen: Mesh

Read Icon Yun-Chen Chang: Still Changing Skyline. Photo © Robert Maybach


The Non-Fungible Body

Read Icon A black woman with Afro hair walks towards camera against dark background. She wears a short black tunic dress with inflated wide shoulder pads


Soa Ratsifandrihana: gr oo ve