Marie Pons

Associate editor

Marie Pons, France

Marie Pons works on various projects related to contemporary dance and performance. As a dance journalist, she writes for several publications including Mouvement, LM Magazine, Inferno and Revue Facettes. She participates in All we can do is dance, a web project combining film and dance, and is coordinator for a forthcoming paper publication on dance in the North of France / Belgium. Through her writing, Marie has initiated dialogues and collaborations with several choreographers including Claire Buisson, João Costa Espinho, Meytal Blanaru, Thomas Guerry and Tatiana Julien. She is in charge of documenting through writing, sound and images for several European projects that focus on dance and its social implications, such as Dancing Museums (2016-2017) and Migrant Bodies (2018-2019).

Media by Marie Pons
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Meytal Blanaru at work