Sebastian Kann


Sebastian Kann, Belgium

Sebastian Kann is a circus artist, theorist, pedagogue, and performance dramaturg. Together with Natalie Oleinik, he makes circus work under the moniker Manor House. Their newest piece Always/Beautiful explores care as a motor for aerial movement improvisation, beginning creation in 2019. In his theoretical investigations, Sebastian is currently busy with the ‘activity of passivity’, affirmatively staging various ‘passive’ figures – the listener, the host, the devotee, the supporting player – in order to think through the ethics of contemporary performance. Sebastian is a member of the contemporary circus research team at KASK School of Arts Gent (‘The Circus Dialogues’), along with Bauke Lievens and Quintijn Ketels. He also works as a dramaturg for Vera Tussing (Belgium) and Emile Pineault (Québec, Canada). Sebastian lives in Brussels, Belgium.

Media by Sebastian Kann
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