Stella Mastorosteriou, Greece

Stella Mastorosteriou is a dance artist and dance educator based in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Currently studying undertaking the Master of Choreography COMMA, at Codarts and Fontys Universities in the Netherlands, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Architecture, where she explored the interrelations of dance and architecture, and a master’s degree in Political Science and Sociology, where she focused her thesis on gender issues in the dance process.

In 2012 she co-created KINOYME dance studio in Thessaloniki, where she works, teaching and choreographing for kids and adults.

She joined Springback Academy since 2016.

Media by Stella Mastorosteriou
Read Icon What a wonderful world, Olga Markari. Photo © Pavlos Vrionides

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Cyprus Choreography Platform 2023

Read Icon Ehs came from another planet by Amalia Bennett and Antigone Gyra. ©South Space for Photography

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Dance Days Chania 2023:
The Conscious Body

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Kalamata International Dance Festival 2022

Read Icon The upper body of a woman with her back to us, in brown t-shirt. Left arm folded to touch fingertips to left shoulder. Light catches her hair. Behind her, another woman out of focus in the distance


Moving Colors youth dance festival

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Dance+: Dead Poets Society

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