Yasen Vasilev


Yasen Vasilev, Bulgaria

Yasen Vasilev is a Bulgarian-born poet-playwright, whose work investigates the connections between the written word and the human body in the form of writing, live performance and research.
Educated at the theatre academies in Sofia and Shanghai (BA in Dramaturgy and MA in Intercultural Communication), he is the author of two poetry collections, transformed into numerous spoken word shows, as well as four plays: The Walled In Ones (2012–2013, Nikolay Binev Theatre, Sofia/published by Asymptote), Borgestriptych (2014, Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai/2016, DNK Sofia), Elevation 506 (2015–2017, developments at Theatre Drachengasse, Vienna; Red House, Sofia; Drama League of New York) and Ishmael (2016, Nau Ivanow, Barcelona).

Since 2015 Yasen has been working on NUTRICULA, a concept for solo physical performance in collaboration with artists from different backgrounds, each of them changing the structure of the work based on their biography and socio-political context. The series of versions monitors how a global system regulates the ways we live, produce and reproduce and how we respond to it locally, limited by our own bodies.

Media by Yasen Vasilev
Read Icon Mårten Spångberg in 46. Photo: Yasen Vasilev


Mårten Spångberg: 46

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Vote for dance: Antistatic Festival 2019, Bulgaria

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Oktoberdans, Bergen: minorities dance for a majority audience

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Pietro Marullo’s WRECK: survival of the fittest in the age of austerity?

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Les Brigittines International Festival 2018