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Guest episode: dis[]tanz podcast

| 18.02.21

Observing and considering how a performance-protest in Athens came to inhabit both the real and the online worlds

Time Icon Green   41:34 min
Compagnie Yoann Bourgeois: Celui qui tombe (He Who Falls). Photo © Foteini Christofilopoulu

Circulating artists, defunded infrastructures (audio)

Don’t just blame Covid for this crisis: restructuring the cultural field had already led to more artists and fewer resources

Time Icon Green   15:30 min
Image from International Screendance Festival Freiburg, Germany. Photo © Franck Boulègue

Screening times (audio)

As Covid has brought screened dance and screendance into close proximity, four screendance curators look at the dynamics between them

Time Icon Green   11:09 min

Life sentences: on reviewing and renewing (audio)

Can performance reviews escape from the sentences of the courtroom or the classroom, and live a little more?

Time Icon Green   9 min
Nuria Guiu in Likes

Mònica Pagès watches Likes by Nùria Guiu

Classical music journalist Mònica Pagès sees a solo about the value of ‘likes’ in an age of social media. How was it for her?

Time Icon Green   16 min