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Let’s connect with the inner bimbo in us all! Reworking Paula Tuovinen's solo Blonde (2000), Laura and the Hot Tubes blow up the perceptions and faces of blondeness in a choreography that assumes its own shapes, and flows without restriction – inspired especially by the aspect of the bimbo as something liberating and emancipatory.

Laura – The Light of All & Go Go Dance Group Hot Tubes

Laura Pietiläinen, Paula Tuovinen


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Choreography: Laura Pietiläinen, Paula Tuovinen
Performers: Laura – The Light of All, Joonas Lampi, Paula Tuovinen, Elina Hauta-aho, Linda Priha, Elisa Tuovila
Stylist: Joonas Lampi
Lighting & spatial design: Mikko Hynninen
Video design: Juhani Haukka
Music: Lotta Wennäkoski
Residency: The Saari residence
Production: Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Laura Pietiläinen, Paula Tuovinen

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