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Welcome to a minimalistic choreographic take on Disney’s Cinderella. Alexandros Stavropoulos exonerates the stereotypical animated heroine, by depriving the iconic character of its narration and placing it in the world of Steve Reich’s rhythmic score Music for Pieces of Wood. Extremely watchable, Stavropoulos’ Cinderella’s fires up the experience of listening to music with witty choreography.

Alexandros Stavropoulos


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Choreography & Concept: Alexandros Stavropoulos
Performers: Lambrini Golia, Maria Kakoliri, Iro Konti, Despoina Lagoudaki, Maria Manoukian, Dafni Stathatou, Stefania Sotiropoulou, Katerina Christoforou
Music Composition & Sound Design : Konstantina Polychronopoulou
Costumes: Francesco Infante
Photography: Kat Georgoudis, Spyros Chatziangelakis, Dimitris Mamaloukos

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