Homo Furens

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Five men on stage perform military exercises incessantly. A Full Metal Jacket fueled piece, Homo Furens interrogates the way we look at movement whether it aims at choreographic or combat purposes. As exhaustion and repetition grow, their moves will lead you towards a sense of peace.


Filipe Lourenço


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Choregraphy: Filipe Lourenço
Assistant Choregraphy: Déborah Lary
Dancers: Youness Aboulakoul, Stéphane Couturas, Jérémy Kouyoumdjian, Sylvère Lamotte, Rémy Leblanc-Messager
Lighting: Eric Houille, Filipe Lourenço
Costumes: Filipe Lourenço
Administration & Production: Saül Dovin
Touring: Hélène Bernadet
Production: PLAN-K
Coproduction: Théâtre de Bourges, CCN de Roubaix
L’association PLAN-K is sponsored by France-The Region Prefect of Centre-Val de Loire The Régional Direction of Cultural Affairs, Residencies at: CCN of Roubaix, Micadanses, CND of Pantin, Theatre de Bourges.

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