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S pink identity

Lois Alexander uses water a point of departure to reflect on her position as a woman on the margins. Water has three states: solid, liquid, gas, and it is always in transition. Surrounded by melting blocks of ice, the artist examines the social structures that continue to affect women of colour, rewriting the narrative from her own perspective. Through the intersection of dance, visual art and sound, Neptune creates a universe that triggers the imagination to form new modes of existence.

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Choreography & performance: Lois Alexander
Scenography: Nina Kay
Composition: Shannon Sea
Artistic advice: Suzy Blok and Fernando Belfiore
Dramaturgical advice: Alexandra Hennig, Lara van Lookeren
Costume design: Steffi Barbian
Production: Dansmakers Amsterdam
Co-production: Sophiensäle Berlin Supported by Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, AFK 3Package Deal and Dansgroep Amsterdam
Trailer: Sarnt Utamachote

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