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How do we continue reinventing ourselves? Stamping and shaking, the dancer Julek Kreutzer generates a continuous flow of movements bound by a narrow space and spurred on by Michelangelo Contini’s drums. Restraint is a liberating outburst of energy and a work of extreme precision, where music and dance persist on supporting each other, crafting a vibrant space.

Lina Gómez

Lina Gómez


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Concept and Choreography: Lina Gómez
Dance and Co-choreography: Julek Kreutzer
Live Music and Artistic Collaboration: Michelangelo Contini
Light Design: Bruno Pocheron
Costumes: Sandra Ernst
Dramaturgical advice: Thomas Schaupp
In Coproduction with ada Studio & Bühne für zeitgenössischen Tanz and Sophiensaele Berlin

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