Ice Hot Nordic Dance Platform, 2018

Ice Hot Nordic Dance Platform, 2018

12–16 December 2018

Be There at Ice Hot Reykjavík, December 2018 – a ‘daytime TV’ style live stream from Springback Magazine, with artist interviews, performance clips, and plus ‘quick dips’ from critics – in the bathtub!

Ása Richardsdóttir, Director

Director of Ice Hot Dance Reykjavík Ása Richardsdóttir talks about the Nordic Ice Hot project, a joint venture between Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

Iceland Dance Company: Sacrifice

A film about Sacrifice, a 3-part performance (or collective ritual) by Iceland Dance Company, featuring wild plastics, acoustic choreography and a shopping-mall blood wedding – complete with interval ‘hate yoga’ and black box screaming.

Ingri Fiksdal on Diorama

Norwegian artist Ingri Fiksdal talks about Diorama, a strangely sequinned beachside performance where both human and non-human movement are integral to the experience.

Kitt Johnson on Mellemrum

Kitt Johnson from Denmark talks to Ka Bradley about site-specific performances, and why she wants to avoid the ‘hit and run’ approach.

Bára Sigfusdóttir at work

Springback Magazine audiovisual editor Marie Pons introduces Icelandic dance artist Bára Sigfúsdóttir.

Lisa Spets and Vigdis Jakobsdóttir: working with young people

Lisa Spets from ZebraDans and Vigdis Jakobsdóttir of Reyjavík Arts Festival talk about working for and with young audiences.

Ásrún Magnusdóttir on Listening Party

Teenagers! Neither child nor adult, often not seen, heard or listened to. Choreographer Ásrún Magnusdóttir on her piece for teenagers Listening Party – and four vocal teens on how it was for them.

Taneli Törmä on Classical Beauty

Finnish choreographer Taneli Törmä talks about his piece Classical Beauty, performed with young local ballet students – three of whom come on set to share their experience.

In the tub at Ice Hot Reykjavík

Europe-wide contributors to Springback Magazine get in the tub with Springback editor Sanjoy Roy for a series of quick dips into the performances at Ice Hot Nordic Dance Platform 2018 in Reykjavík, Iceland.

Ice Hot 2018: it’s a wrap

Closing Springback Live at Ice Hot Nordic Dance 2018, Erna Omarsdóttir leads the Springback team in a ritual exorcism of the floor, then Icelandic actor Fridgeir Einarsson reads out the entire list of credits - AND IT’S A WRAP!