Summer ReCollection 2021

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S pink identity

Masako Matsushita: UN/DRESS Moving painting

Masako Matsushita’s solo is an enquiry into the role of feminine clothing and the body in modern society. Focusing on ‘cloth migration’, she describes a natural way of dressing and undressing. Strongly present and at the same time absent, the body is the central point of unification, an isthmus which connects and amplifies horizons indicating a crossover. UN/DRESS is a metaphorical performance arising from the fusion of body and object within a moving painting.

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Choreography and performance: Masako Matsushita
Music: Federico Moschetti
Light design: Maria Virzì
Production assistant: Paolo Paggi
Supported by: Gabriella Biancotto, Lesley Millar, AMAT
Production and residencies: Teatro Sperimentale, Teatro Persiani, Naturalmente Sana, Bonnie Bird Theatre
Management and distribution: Michele Mele, Domenico Garofalo