Spring Forward 2020: The show must go on – demand!

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Spring Forward 2020: 24 April, morning

Roza Moshtaghi Bouncing Narratives
Máté Mészáros Mechanics of Distance

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Hosted by Edvin Liverić in Rijeka, Croatia

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02–04 Roza Moshtaghi: Bouncing Narratives
Intro: Edvin is singing in Rijeka, Capital of Culture 2020
Performance: Bouncing Narratives
Q&A: Roza Moshtaghi (choreographer), Lykourgos Porfyris (sound artist), Beatrix Joyce (Springback writer)

06–08 Máté Mészáros: Mechanics of Distance
Intro: Edvin not dancing cheek to cheek at the Governor’s Palace
Performance: Mechanics of Distance
Q&A: Máté Mészáros (choreographer), Áron Porteleki (musician), Lena Megyeri (Springback writer)