Spring Forward 2020: The show must go on – demand!

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Spring Forward 2020: 25 April, morning

Iris Karayan Unauthorised
The Choi X Kang Project A complementary set_Disappearing with an Impact
Anne-Mareike Hess Warrior

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Hosted by Edvin Liverić in Rijeka, Croatia

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02–04 Iris Karayan: Unauthorised
Intro: Edvin channels Empress Sissi in Opatija
Performance: Unauthorised
Q&A: Iris Karayan (choreographer), Ioanna Paraskevopoulou (dancer), Betina Panagiotara (Springback writer)

07–09 The Choi X Kang Project: A complementary set_Disappearing with an Impact
Intro: Edvin should be dancing (yeah) at the Gervais Centre
Performance: A complementary set_Disappearing with an Impact
Q&A: Q&A with Choi Min-sun (dancer), Kang Jin-an (dancer), Soohye Jang (interpreter), Róisín O’Brien (Springback writer)

11–13 Anne-Mareike Hess: Warrior
Intro: Edvin auditorium, the Gervais Centre
Performance: Warrior
Q&A: Anne-Mareike Hess (choreographer & dancer), Irina Glinski (Springback writer), Evgeny Borisenko (Springback writer)