Spring Forward 2020: The show must go on – demand!

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Spring Forward 2020: 26 April, afternoon

Léa Tirabasso The Ephemeral Life of an Octopus
Masako Matsushita UN/DRESS | moving painting
Viktor Černický PLI
Julien Carlier & Mike Sprogis Golem
Silvia Gribaudi GRACES

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Hosted by Edvin Liverić in Rijeka, Croatia

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03-05 Léa Tirabasso: The Ephemeral Life of an Octopus
Intro: Edvin on his balcony, post-octopus
Performance: The Ephemeral Life of an Octopus
Q&A: Léa Tirabasso (choreographer & dancer), Alistair Goldsmith (dancer), Ka Bradley (Springback writer)

06-08 Masako Matsushita: UN/DRESS | moving painting
Intro: what a feeling in the Opera bar
Performance: UN/DRESS | moving painting
Q&A: Masako Matsushita (choreographer & dancer), Gaia CLotilde Chernetich (Springback writer)

11-13 Viktor Černický: PLI
Intro: Mein Herr Liverić is at Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral
Performance: PLI
Q&A: Viktor Černický (choreographer & dancer), Ka Bradley (Springback writer)

17-19 Julien Carlier & Mike Sprogis: Golem
Intro: Is Edvin ready for his close-up?
Performance: Golem
Q&A: Julien Carlier (choreographer & dancer), Mike Sprogis (sculptor & performer), Charles A Catherine (Springback writer)

20-22 Silvia Gribaudi: GRACES
Intro: Edvin is alive at Trsat Castle
Q&A: Silvia Gribaudi (choreographer & dancer), Andrea Rampazzo (dancer), Beatrix Joyce (Springback writer)
Performance: GRACES