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Ann Van den Broek: Creating Joy


A polished kinetic, aural and videographic walk around joy, guided by Flemish choreographer Ann Van den Broek

Present futures

Going digital in 2020 has been a natural step for a festival founded to hybridise physical and virtual realms

Dance+: Us

Double trouble in the climactic dance scene of Jordan Peele’s 2019 horror Us

Guest episode: dis[]tanz podcast

Observing and considering how a performance-protest in Athens came to inhabit both the real and the online worlds

Hamid Ben Mahi: Chronic(s) 2


Revisiting a work twenty years on, hip hop dance artist Hamid Ben Mahi finds that the fundamental things still apply, as time goes by

Beyond the visual: Johanna Hedva’s Minerva the Miscarriage of the Brain

As live arts migrate to the screen, Claire Lefèvre wonders whether a book might more fully register and reawaken the aura of live performance

Dance+: Permanent Vacation

Dance brings a moment of presence within the waking dream of a world adrift

Circulating artists, defunded infrastructures (audio)

Don’t just blame Covid for this crisis: restructuring the cultural field had already led to more artists and fewer resources

Circulating artists, defunded infrastructures

Don’t just blame Covid for this crisis: restructuring the cultural field had already led to more artists and fewer resources

Ultima Vez: Hands do not touch your precious Me


An online premiere from Wim Vandekeybus, Olivier de Sagazan and Charo Calvo that ventures into mythic worlds

Screening times

As Covid has brought screened dance and screendance into close proximity, four screendance curators look at the dynamics between them

Screening times (audio)

As Covid has brought screened dance and screendance into close proximity, four screendance curators look at the dynamics between them

Wanjiru Kamuyu, An Immigrant’s Story; Smaïl Kanouté, Never Twenty One


Edgy performances at the edge of Paris that take us beyond our own horizons

Teresa Vittucci, Michael Turinsky, Claire Vivianne Sobottke: We Bodies


We Bodies is an hour-long performative question on monsterhood, exorcism, domination, docility – and more

Life sentences: on reviewing and renewing (audio)

Can performance reviews escape from the sentences of the courtroom or the classroom, and live a little more?

Life sentences: on reviewing and renewing


Can performance reviews escape from the sentences of the courtroom or the classroom, and live a little more?

Visible and erased: the case of the ‘Alzheimer’s ballerina’

What does the viral video of a former dancer with Alzheimer’s disease suggest about the dancer, about disease, about us?

Dance+: Giri/Haji

The BBC/Netflix crime drama Giri/Haji is another sign of mainstream media turning to contemporary dance for inspiration and innovation

Adrien M & Claire B: Faire corps


A rapturous fusion of sensation and motion, imagination and engineering, and body with light

Marcos Morau: Sonoma, Surrealism and me


Threads of history – artistic, cultural, personal – lie beyond the exuberant images and costumes of Marcos Morau’s new work Sonoma

The leap into the abyss and the need to heal again


Anastasio Koukoutas spoke to some recent dance graduates to find out how they feel about their future, in the face of the coronavirus crisis

Dancing virtually into the London Film Festival

United Kingdom

Alongside dance documentaries, the new LFF Expanded strand is taking steps into virtual dancing

Danser Brut – outsider dance


A wide ranging exhibition across two museums in Belgium affords fascinating visions of the idea of ‘outsider dance’

Dance+: Act of Love

Animal courtship dances transformed into human choreography by Russell Maliphant, to advertise condoms

kinkaleri: is it my world?


How a public relay by Italian group kinkaleri turns into a fruitful question: have we become estranged from the world we created?

Domokos Kovács & Petra Nagy: Do not feed the polar bears


Two Hungarian creators on their response to environmental questions in conception, production and performance of their latest work

Dance+: Moonrise Kingdom

In Wes Anderson’s 2012 film, two runaway pre-teens dance on the empty beach of an unknown land called love

To sit or not to sit? The question of movement direction

United Kingdom

What do movement directors do? A new collection of interviews shines a light on an overlooked craft

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker & Radouan Mriziga: 3ird5@w9rk


The intersection of nature with culture – a garden – forms the setting for a site-specific duet by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Radouan Mriziga

Faye Driscoll: Guided Choreography for the Living and the Dead


Choreography through headphones, motionless performance within our heads, self-isolation and fantasy – Faye Driscoll’s ’audio choreography’ gets inside you

Talkabout: Urban dance languages at Peepshow Palace


A dialogue on content, context and tradition in urban dance at a corona-proof performance season in Amsterdam

Forward steps


Rather than longing for the past, some dance artists are using the pandemic crisis to imagine futures for performance

Local leads the way: Pelzverkehr Festival, Austria


The Covid crisis is shifting focus from the international to the regional – but festivals such as Pelzverkehr have already been there for years

Unknown waters: Berlin’s Tanz im August after Covid


Tanz im August director Virve Sutinen on rethinking the festival for post-pandemic times

Being together apart: the hollowing of the post-quarantine public


A public performance ‘practice’ in Athens responded to the coronavirus crisis – but did ‘The Crater’ rethink or recreate its underlying conditions?

Dance+: Protein synthesis – an epic on the cellular level

A mind-blowing, free-spirited dance film that is both scientifically exact and culturally far out

Peeping Tom: The Missing Door, The Lost Room


Works in mysterious ways: two pieces by Belgian physical theatre company Peeping Tom

Pere Faura: Rèquiem Nocturn


Pere Faura’s extravagant tribute to Bob Fosse mixes mortality with showbiz and mundane life

Sands of time: capturing Bausch’s Rite of Spring before lockdown

A rehearsal for a performance that never was: École des Sables’ version of Bausch’s Rite of Spring catches a moment in time

www DANCE: partying from IRL to URL

The mix of Covid, digital connectivity and our deep-felt human drive to dance together have reconfigured our dancing spaces

Dance+: Joker

A solitary dance becomes a rite of transformation in Todd Phillips’ 2019 Joker

The rise of the online dance class in lockdown

The offer, the reach and the uses of online dance classes are expanding during lockdown – and beyond?

Strange times

United Kingdom

The coronavirus lockdown induces strange visions of our absence. Dance is an art of presence. Can we reconcile their values for the sake of the future?

A virus in the system

Covid-19 is prising reality from normality. What thoughts and feelings arise from this fissure for our Springback network?

New Choreographers Festival Athens


A Springback spinoff at the seventh New Choreographers Festival

Gaspar Noé: Climax

Gaspar Noé’s Climax is thrilling, stylish and harrowing. Its story is prefigured in the extraordinary opening dance scene

Crystal Pite/Jonathon Young: Revisor

United Kingdom

A farce in the fog of post-truth, post-dramatic abstractions… Crystal Pite and Jonathon Young’s Revisor trails a string of questions

Daniel Linehan: sspeciess


Exploring co-existence and ‘becoming-with’, Daniel Linehan’s new group piece radiates radical softness

KDV Dance Ensemble: Las Casas Invisibles


A new company are the first contemporary dance show to headline at Berlin’s iconic electronic music venue Funkhaus

A stage in the gallery: Dimitris Papaioannou’s Sisyphus/Trans/Form


Dimitris Papaioannou’s first site-specific work for an art gallery, at Collezione Maramotti

On and off the platform: dunaPart5, Hungary


New voices at the Hungarian platform for performing arts – and new battles over state support and control

From company dancer to co-director to CODA: an interview with Stine Nilsen


Former co-director of Candoco (UK), Stine Nilsen returns to Norway as director of CODA Oslo International Dance Festival

Mårten Spångberg: 46


The advocate of ‘post-dance’ performs a solo – hashtagged #lonelyformalism – that reassembles his own choreographies

Jann Gallois: Samsara


All rise: choreographer, curtains, dancers and spirit ascend in a piece about worldly bondage and higher powers

The Continuous Network: capillary action of dance into galleries

United Kingdom

A four-year UK collaboration between Siobhan Davies Dance and BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art asks: why take dance into art galleries, and what can happen when you do?

Dance+: Dancing in the schoolyard

T-step on the tarmac? An innovative school principal goes viral with his plan to get kids moving

PT19: On being, enduring and becoming the performing body


Controlling, uncovering and being the performer’s body, at the 2019 Portuguese Platform for Performing Arts

Hodworks & Unusual Symptoms: Coexist


Fearless performers brace themselves in a questing, questioning work by Hodworks (HU) and Theater Bremen (DE)

Moving audiences: the Montag Modus event series


Berlin curator Léna Szirmay-Kalos on developing new formats for showcasing performance outside the theatre

Postdancing in the dark


Posting from the POST-DANCE-ING conference in Stockholm 2019, Anna Kozonina asks: how did it work, what did it do?

Fringe cuts from Edinburgh 2019

United Kingdom

A week of dance at the Edinburgh Fringe, as seen by Lena Megyeri at the 2019 NICritics programme for independent writers

Dance+: Kung Fu Hustle

Slick, stylish, violent… the Axe Gang in Stephen Chow’s Kung Fu Hustle know how to cut a figure on the dance floor – and off it…

Florentina Holzinger: TANZ, a sylphic reverie in stunts


Pitching witch against fairy, Florentina Holzinger’s TANZ bares the corporal discipline and punishment of romantic ballet through brutal parody and spectacular stunts

La Ribot / Dançando com a Diferença: Happy Island


You can see the trees on Happy Island. What about the wood?

New directions home? ImPulsTanz 2019


Lena Megyeri reflects on the crisis of objective in contemporary dance at Vienna's contemporary dance festival.

Radical empathy and real engagement: Take Me Somewhere 2019

United Kingdom

Dance artists at Glasgow’s genre-crossing festival of experimental performance take you beyond performance itself

Gunilla Heilborn: The Wonderful and The Ordinary


A work in which the ordinary surpasses the wonderful leads to wonderings about words

Oona Doherty: Hard to be Soft – A Belfast Prayer


An attempt to heal the trauma of the collective Belfast body produces very mixed results

Slow and gentle: Santarcangelo Festival 2019


Performances at the 49th Santarcangelo Festival stir our sense of being and embodiment

Dance+: Happy Together

A tango scene in Wong Kar-wai’s Happy Together invites our hearts into the spaces between separation and togetherness, fiction and reality

Six of their sex: female dancemakers at ImPulsTanz 2019


A choreographic variety of women’s work at ImPulsTanz Vienna

Earth moves: contemporary roots at Sismògraf festival


The old made anew: three contemporary choreographers reworking folkloric heritage at Sismògraf Festival

Julidans NEXT, Amsterdam: performers steal the show


Julidans NEXT offers new opportunities for both artists and audiences

Vote for dance: Antistatic Festival 2019, Bulgaria


The 12th Antistatic Festival called a #VoteForDance – but how did the performances poll with our reviewer?

Hack me tender: Mette Ingvartsen’s Red Pieces


Orgies, utopias and joyful existence in Mette Ingvartsen’s Red Pieces

Dance+: The Favourite

In place and out of time: dance anachronisms in Yorgos Lanthimos’ The Favourite (2018) are part of a fickle world

Already there? An interview with Ginevra Panzetti & Enrico Ticconi


Italian choreographic duo Ginevra Panzetti and Enrico Ticconi on powerplay and physical rhetoric – past and present

SPRING Utrecht 2019: ‘In many ways, the future is already here’


Name it, hashtag it, experience it… The SPRING festival in Utrecht dives into dance, performance, installation, god, politics, gender – and the future

Dance+: Dogtooth

The distorting mirror of dance reflects an intimate reality of adolescent vulnerability in Dogtooth (2009)

Sofia Mavragani: Afterwords


Mouth movement makes for an intriguing choreographic experiment, but Anastasio Koukoutas doesn’t quite swallow it

Caught in the act of seeing


Look, then look again. Anastasio Koukoutas on altering visions in three contemporary dance pieces from Greece

Nicole Beutler Projects: 8: Metamorphoses


What’s the measure of a man? This performance questions what we are even measuring when we say ‘man’

Dance+: Echoes, Ode to Silence

Andres Arochi’s short film uses dance to revisit Luis Barragán’s masterpiece of modernist architecture

Rakete Festival 2019: from Mama to Mother Earth


At the intersections between the personal and the panoramic – a new generation of dance artists at the Rakete Festival, Vienna

Queer Darlings 2019, Sophiensaele Berlin


Camgirls and drag queens, chatrooms and cabaret: two surprising pieces from a festival of feminist and queer performance

Albert Quesada & Zoltán Vakulya: OneTwoThreeOneTwo

United Kingdom

An experiment in choreography and staging that is definitely ‘not flamenco’ – but neither is it something else

Imagetanz 2019


Up close and personal with a lot of orifices at Vienna’s 30th Imagetanz Festival

Dance+: La Joie de Vivre

Wedged between independence and genocide, a Cambodian dance scene shows that loving life is precious – and takes practice

At work: Jesús Rubio Gamo


‘It was dance and music that saved me from loneliness.’ Spanish choreographer Jesús Rubio Gamo talks about the turning point that led to the creation of Gran Bolero (2019)

Jefta van Dinther: The Quiet


Quantum leaps in time… a mysterious world holds on to its secrets

Yukiko Masui / Léa Tirabasso

United Kingdom

A double bill that contrasts mental anguish with physical recklessness

Trash aesthetic:
Meet The Symptoms


What is waste? Who is trash? Réka Szabó and Dániel Szász of The Symptoms speak about recycling a street performance

Dance+: Luca Guadagnino’s Suspiria

Toil and trouble brews in a cavernous, covenous dance company

At work: Marie Cantenys

United Kingdom

‘The garment is not the outcome, the outcome is everything together.’ Fashion designer Marie Cantenys talks about working with dancer Maya Jilan Dong

London International Mime Festival 2019

United Kingdom

Using language and losing language: Theatre Re, Gecko and Peeping Tom at the 2019 London International Mime Festival

Taiwan Dance Platform 2018


The 2018 Taiwan Dance Platform was ‘made in Asia’, but even more international in scope

Dance+: Joe Wright’s Anna Karenina

A pivotal scene in Joe Wright’s Anna Karenina is wordless, its drama of love, transgression and death distilled in dance

Jan Martens: Passing the Bechdel Test


Jan Martens’ choreography is a canvas that interweaves the action and speech of teenage performers with an impressive array of feminist texts, figures and thoughts

At work: Bára Sigfúsdóttir


Icelandic choreographer Bára Sigfúsdóttir on working between reality and imagination

Pal Frenák: W_all / Rita Góbi: Snapdragons



DanceLive Aberdeen, Scotland

United Kingdom

Aberdeen’s DanceLive festival combines a productive dance platform and a conscious aim to connect with non-dance audiences

Dance+: Mauvais Sang

An intoxicating scene from Leos Carax’s Mauvais Sang embodies the headlong rush of youthful love and the mystery of its memory

Polyphony, playing and politics: the many voices of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui


On voices, parts, and playing parts in the many-limbed choreography of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

Oktoberdans, Bergen: minorities dance for a majority audience


Two programmes at Scandinavia's largest dance platform navigate the exclusivity of an ‘inclusive’ mindset

Towards the ‘ironic spectator’

Apathy as activism: what has become of political art and a politicised audience?

Ivo Dimchev: Som Faves

United Kingdom

A maniacal movement manifesto upends audience expectations in a one-off performance at London’s Chisenhale Dance Space

Dance+: Dead Poets Society

Show, don’t tell! A teacher’s lesson on conformity from an embodied perspective

Black and blue at Festival Les Plateaux


Choreographers Ana Pi and Calixto Neto take on ‘black dance’ on their own terms

Favourite jumper: Igor & Moreno, Idiot-Syncrasy

United Kingdom

Caring but not careful – who knew an hour of jumping up and down would touch so many people in so many ways?

Down in one: the single-shot music video

On the appeal and the achievement of the one-shot music video

Dance+: American Psycho

Is that a raincoat or are you just glad to see me? Róisín O’Brien on the choreography of a murder

Tanz im August talkabout #2: portrait of myself as my father (Nora Chipaumire), The Waves (Noé Soulier)


Springback’s Berlin Three discuss patterns and parentage in two very different pieces at the Tanz im August season

Dansathon: an international dance hackathon

A report from the first ‘international dance hackathon’, a joint venture between Liège, London and Lyon that is more than just a competition

Tanz im August talkabout #1: Inoah (Bruno Beltrão) and R. OSA (Silvia Gribaudi)


Springback’s Berlin Three discuss body politics and national politics at the Tanz im August season

Jefta van Dinther: Dark Field Analysis

United Kingdom

Two men embark on an expedition inside the body and beyond the mind, in Jefta van Dinther’s psychedelic Dark Field Analysis

Les Brigittines International Festival 2018


A many-layered thing: contrasting takeaways of our Springback writers at Les Brigittines, Brussels, reflect the genre-crossing styles of the festival itself

Michikazu Matsune: All Together


Recollection, reflection and re-enactment make for a memorable evening in Michikazu Matsune’s new piece about people both present and absent

Dance+: Little Miss Sunshine

For the win! Anna Kaszuba on why artlessness triumphs in the dance scene from ‘Little Miss Sunshine’

Rosas: The Six Brandenburg Concertos


A workbook choreographic exercise builds to a surprisingly exhilarating finale in Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s new Six Brandenburg Concertos

Shape of YouTube

Two widely viewed danceworks beg the questions: how does YouTube shape dance? And how do you shape YouTube?

[8:tension] at ImPulsTanz Vienna 2018


Don’t expect the new to be comfortable: the [8:tension] platform for new choreography is provocative, plural, sometimes tedious – and often out of the comfort zone

Jo Bannon: We Are F*cked

United Kingdom

Doubt and disturbance come to a climax in Jo Bannon’s powerfully penetrating performance

Beyond borders: Amit Lahav and Gecko

United Kingdom

Gecko’s Amit Lahav talks to Daniel Pitt about straddling genres, insularity and internationalism in British theatre – and being pummelled with love

Dance+: Dirty Dancing

Alexandra Gray on her first time watching Dirty Dancing – and why Baby’s first time on the dancefloor stays with her

Taneli Törmä: COVER – A symphonic poem in three movements


A merger of choreography and sound installation, Finnish artist Taneli Törmä’s COVER sensitively explores the kinaesthetic experience of sound.

Rocío Molina: Grito Pelao


They say that Mother knows best, but does she know how to turn that into a performance?

Gisèle Vienne: Crowd


Is dance raving mad to look to the rave scene for inspiration?

Danse Élargie 2018: big opportunities, bigger ambition


Beatboxing, b-boys, a beach and a balloon enlarge our concept of ‘dance’ in the fifth edition of the multi-disciplinary choreographic competition

Potsdamer Tanztage
or: 3 × 3 = 8


When does 3 × 3 = 8? When our three reviewers go to three performances each at Berlin’s 2018 Potsdamer Tanztage festival

Bausch rebooted: Veza Fernández’s Wenn Auge Mund Wird


Vienna-based Veza Fernández refracts Bauschian Tanztheater through a contemporary prism

Dance+: A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

Dancing home alone before going out to do what vampires do. Ka Bradley on a moment of dance in the movie A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

Pietro Marullo’s WRECK: survival of the fittest in the age of austerity?


Pietro Marullo’s ‘elastic performance’ is a staging of the struggle to survive in a precarious environment – and an example of it.

Oona Doherty: Hope Hunt and the Ascension into Lazarus


A riveting portrait of the disadvantaged white male that meshes beauty with damnation

Florentina Holzinger: Apollon

United Kingdom

Dance gets down and dirty – but is it worth the gross-out?

Katerina Andreou: BSTRD


Can a solo dance piece create, on stage, that much needed room of one’s own?

Timothy and the Things: Hunting (Vadászat)


Three men hunting – but for what, for whom, and why? Anna Dohy looks to the wider stage for answers

Jasna Vinovrški: Lady Justice


With witnesses, evidence and judgement – is a dance performance a bit of a trial?

Ligia Lewis: Minor Matter


Black matters in Minor Matter, a powerful encounter with the myriad concepts of blackness



‘We are dancers, we create the dreams.’ Albert Einstein

How to like dance


Audience clubs are on the increase - why? Luke Forbes on his experience of a new workshop in Melbourne

The wilderness within


What happens when dance takes nature as its stage? A festival in the northernmost town in the world leads to a changed sense of self, culture and existence

Christos Papadopoulos’s Opus: in search of the dialectics of music and movement


A textual exploration of a performative exploration in sound, meaning and time

Mònica Pagès watches Likes by Nùria Guiu


Classical music journalist Mònica Pagès sees a solo about the value of ‘likes’ in an age of social media. How was it for her?

The naked stage of Sanna Kekäläinen


Riikka Laakso on Finnish choreographer Sanna Kekäläinen, and the subversions and inversions of her 2017 piece Whorescope

Mette Ingvartsen: 21 pornographies


Assuming the position is at the heart of this physical exploration of erotica

Vero Cendoya: La Partida


Beautiful as dance can be, is it really any match for the beautiful game?

At work: Meytal Blanaru


Brussels-based Israeli choreographer Meytal Blanaru on the workings behind her work

Arkadi Zaides: TALOS


Arkadi Zaides' detatched demonstration of surveillance, digital simulation and border infringements

Hodworks: Sunday


Hodworks’ Sunday begs the question: in the age of the selfie, what separates the person and the persona?