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Igor Urzelai and Moreno Solinas, Idiot-Syncrasy


Favourite jumper: Igor & Moreno, Idiot-Syncrasy

By Ka Bradley | 13.11.18

Caring but not careful – who knew an hour of jumping up and down would touch so many people in so many ways?

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Childish Gambino, ‘This is America’


Down in one: the single-shot music video

By Daniel Pitt | 06.11.18

On the appeal and the achievement of the one-shot music video

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screenshot of Christian Bale In American Pscyho Hip to be Square scene


Dance+: American Psycho

By Róisín O’Brien | 30.10.18

Is that a raincoat or are you just glad to see me? Róisín O’Brien on the choreography of a murder

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Tanz im August talkabout #2: portrait of myself as my father (Nora Chipaumire), The Waves (Noé Soulier)

By Evgeny Borisenko | 25.10.18

Springback’s Berlin Three discuss patterns and parentage in two very different pieces at the Tanz im August season

Time Icon Pink   9 min
‘Double You’, a project idea from the London Dansathon event


Dansathon: an international dance hackathon

By Sanjoy Roy | 16.10.18

A report from the first ‘international dance hackathon’, a joint venture between Liège, London and Lyon that is more than just a competition

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Grupo de Rua in Bruno Beltrão’s Inoah


Tanz im August talkabout #1: Inoah (Bruno Beltrão) and R. OSA (Silvia Gribaudi)

By Annette van Zwoll | 12.10.18

Springback’s Berlin Three discuss body politics and national politics at the Tanz im August season

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Jefta van Dinther Dark Field Analysis. Photo © Ben Mergelsberg


Jefta van Dinther: Dark Field Analysis

By Sanjoy Roy | 02.10.18

Two men embark on an expedition inside the body and beyond the mind, in Jefta van Dinther’s psychedelic Dark Field Analysis

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Les Brigittines International Festival 2018

By Oonagh Duckworth | 25.09.18

A many-layered thing: contrasting takeaways of our Springback writers at Les Brigittines, Brussels, reflect the genre-crossing styles of the festival itself

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