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Solène Weinachter, After All. © Genevieve Reeeves


Solène Weinachter – dancing before and after all

An interview with the French-born Scottish dance artist as she creates her first self-directed work

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Violeta Vitanova in Sorrow Island: The North End of Outer Hope. © Gergana Encheva

review, article

Moving Body Varna: on and off screen

A festival where the body moves fluently – and intimately – between stage, site, screen and headset

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Ehs came from another planet by Amalia Bennett and Antigone Gyra. ©South Space for Photography

review, article

Dance Days Chania 2023:
The Conscious Body

Themes from the 13th edition of the international contemporary dance festival in the coastal town of Chania, Crete

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review, article

ImPulsTanz 2023: past presence

The imprint of the past on the performance of the present, at the 40th edition of ImPulsTanz Vienna

Time Icon Pink   8 min
A crowd of bodies of various genders, near nude, all whirling around in different states of action and agitation. The lighting is dark, and a metal scaffold looms in the background


Home and away at the Venice Dance Biennale

This year’s Italian and international commissions at the Venice Biennale contrast in almost every way

Time Icon Pink   5 min
On a white stage strewn with marshmallows, a small figure (Chiara Bersani) lies down in one corner, while from another a standing figure (Elena Sgarbossa) moves towards her.


Chiara Bersani/corpoceleste: Sottobosco

A poetic other world is magically conjured from cloth, space, sound, bodies – and marshmallows

Time Icon Pink   2 min
Two men and two women form a crisscross of coloured bodies (red, blue, greem) on pink and green op-art floor.


Dimitris Mytilinaios: Repair

A Greek work selected for international exposure is rich in ideas, whether as postmodern profusion, density of material or to fill a vacuum

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review, article

a day at Les Hivernales’ On (y) danse aussi l’été !

Avignon’s national choreographic development centre distils styles and ambiences in its summer programme - on a daily basis

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