Two dancers on either side of a video screen place their hands to their ears, as does a third woman on the video screen. A moment in Ann Van den Broek's video performance Creating Joy, for her company WArd/waRD


Ann Van den Broek: Creating Joy

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Creating Joy, with Ann Van den Broek’s company WArd/waRD. Photo © Rio Staelens

A polished kinetic, aural and videographic walk around joy, guided by Flemish choreographer Ann Van den Broek


Creating Joy is an online repurposing of a planned performance by Flemish choreographer Ann Van den Broek. Joy, joy, joy. What’s in the name? On stage, master of ceremonies Gregory Frateur guides us through a clinical trial. Around him are lab-like trolleys bearing objects such as shiny shoes or a disco ball. On one, a double-sided flatscreen opens windows to recorded interviews, or to relays of dancers Louis Combeaud and Marion Bosett, at home baking bread or practising embroidery while…

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