Arkadi Zaides and TALOS, performance


Arkadi Zaides: TALOS

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Arkadi Zaides and TALOS (Transportable Autonomous Patrol for Land Border Surveillance). Photo © Dajana Lothert

Arkadi Zaides' detatched demonstration of surveillance, digital simulation and border infringements


Headless ‘jiving’ humanoids, four-legged Meccano-type machines hopping over fences like at the finals of Crufts; we’re watching archive footage of prototype robots being tested in action. It’s the only moment of relative light relief, of dance, in fact, during Arkadi Zaides’ lecture-demonstration performance TALOS. TALOS is also the name of an EU-funded research project: a mobile robot surveillance system intended to prevent illegal border infringement in Europe. The discovery of this chilling, real-life science fiction is what impelled the politically engaged…

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