Doug Letheren in Revisor. Photo © Michael Slobodian


Crystal Pite/Jonathon Young: Revisor

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Doug Letheren in Revisor. Photo © Michael Slobodian

A farce in the fog of post-truth, post-dramatic abstractions… Crystal Pite and Jonathon Young’s Revisor trails a string of questions


Somewhere between absurd Dadaism and operetta silliness, the Russian playwright Nikolai Gogol has a sharp talent for exposing the uglier underbelly of society just as you were laughing out loud. His Inspector General (sometimes known as The Revisor) is a comedy about a low-level clerk mistaken for a high-office inspector, being wined, dined and bribed by a collective of corrupt characters, eager to cover up their dirt and backstab where needed to hold on to their little pockets of power.…

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