Two barechested men on the floor. One (Dan Daw) on his back with one leg bent the other extended, the other (Christopher Owen) reaches towards Daw with this outstretched arm


The Dan Daw Show

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Christopher Owen and Dan Daw. Photo © Liz Counsell

A Crip kink dance shows the linkage of liberation and constraint, the leashed and the unleashed – physically, erotically, socially, emotionally


BDSM and dance share a lot. Both work with the body but demand an engaged mind; both seek, keep and transcend limits. Both, to outsiders, are charged with an alarming (perhaps incomprehensible) intensity. Both can be a lot of fun. In The Dan Daw Show, it is more than fun: it is joy. Choreographer and performer Dan Daw takes every aspect one step further. As a disabled performer who self-describes as Crip, he reimagines the spectator/performer relationship by setting up…

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