Faye Driscoll. Photo © Maria Baranova


Faye Driscoll: Guided Choreography for the Living and the Dead

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Faye Driscoll. Photo © Maria Baranova

Choreography through headphones, motionless performance within our heads, self-isolation and fantasy – Faye Driscoll’s ’audio choreography’ gets inside you


‘Bring yourself away from evaluating things visually,’ the American choreographer Faye Driscoll whispers into my ear as I lie on a deckchair in front of the currently closed Hebbel am Ufer theatre. ‘Observe the sensations. Perhaps you don’t feel anything, that’s fine too.’ My eyes drift shut as I prepare for an experience that seems more like a private therapy session than a contemporary dance performance. A 13-minute ‘audio choreography’ commissioned for Berlin’s Tanz im August 2020, Guided Choreography for…

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