Tanz, by Florentina Holzinger


Florentina Holzinger: TANZ, a sylphic reverie in stunts

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Tanz, Florentina Holzinger. Photo © Eva Würdinger

Pitching witch against fairy, Florentina Holzinger’s TANZ bares the corporal discipline and punishment of romantic ballet through brutal parody and spectacular stunts


Technically, TANZ follows all the rules of the romantic ballet: there’s a wicked witch, flying fairies, magic spells and pantomime storytelling. But in Florentina Holzinger’s version, the sylphides are less ghostly princesses than flesh-eating zombies. Pissing in buckets and riding flying motorbikes, the cast of eight women, aged from 20 to 80, radically challenges classical dance’s fascist obsession with perfection and diaphanous beauty. The first act focuses on training. Beatrice Cordua (the first ballerina to dance The Rite of Spring…

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