Man (Hamid Ben Mahi) holding a clay lantern with smoke arising from it


Hamid Ben Mahi: Chronic(s) 2

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Hamid Ben Mahi, Chronics (2). Photo © Pierre Planchenault

Revisiting a work twenty years on, hip hop dance artist Hamid Ben Mahi finds that the fundamental things still apply, as time goes by


Time goes by for everyone, even dancers. Hip hop seems forever young, but it appeared in the eighties, and its early choreographers are now in their late forties. Time to tell their stories? All through his career, French choreographer Hamid Ben Mahi has conversed with the audience to question the identity of the dancer, often through his own experience. In 2001 – a world away, it seems now – he created Chronic(s) with the dramaturge Michel Schweitzer, an hour long,…

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