Photo from Coexist by Hodworks and Unusual Symptoms


Hodworks & Unusual Symptoms: Coexist

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Coexist, a collaboration between Hodworks (HU) and Unusual Symptoms (DE). Photo © Jörg Landsberg

Fearless performers brace themselves in a questing, questioning work by Hodworks (HU) and Theater Bremen (DE)


There has been a certain structural pattern in Hodworks’ latest productions: Sunday, Mirage and now Coexist all open with a longer, heavily text-based (or at least vocal) introductory part before turning into a dance extravaganza. It looks like the performers need a lot of time to brace themselves before they can actually start dancing. Of course, the inspirations behind each piece vary, but they are never short of absurdity. A collaboration between Hodworks and Bremen-based dance company Unusual Symptoms, Coexist…

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