Woman in black with long arc of hair as she leans her body to the left, against a brick wall backdrop


Isabelle Schad: Pieces and Elements / FUR

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Aya Toraiwa in Isabelle Schad’s FUR. Photo © D. Hartwig

Slow, steady, serene – an open-air double bill by German choreographer Isabelle Schad


A group of seven performers emerge from within the audience. Arms linked above their heads, they continuously twist their torsos left and right, slowly gravitating towards each other and the haphazard, wooden stage before them. This is Isabelle Schad’s Pieces and Elements, a 2016 work reimagined for the open-air stage of Globe Berlin. Described as an exploration of how dancers can ‘negotiate their collective body in motion, which can only function as a whole,’ the performance is exactly what it…

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