Jefta van Dinther Dark Field Analysis. Photo © Ben Mergelsberg


Jefta van Dinther: Dark Field Analysis

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A fantastic voyage wearing nothing but a microphone… Jefta van Dinther’s Dark Field Analysis. Photo © Ben Mergelsberg

Two men embark on an expedition inside the body and beyond the mind, in Jefta van Dinther’s psychedelic Dark Field Analysis


In the 1966 movie Fantastic Voyage, an experimental technique that can miniaturise matter, for up to one hour, is used to shrink a team of people to the size of single cells and inject them into the body of a brilliant scientist, on a mission to a relieve a blood clot in his brain. Strip out the retro campiness, add a shot of David Lynch weirdness, and you have the feel of Dark Field Analysis by ‘Swedish-German dance nerd’ Jefta…

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