A photograph of a person surrounded by loose pages that they have torn from a book with their mouth. They are leaning against a wall, seated on the floor. Their face is entirely obscured by a mouthful of pages. They have shoulder-length brown hair and wear an apron covered in mud.


Beyond the visual: Johanna Hedva’s Minerva the Miscarriage of the Brain

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Myrrhia Reed as UNRAVELER in Motherload (2012), CalArts, Santa Clarita, CA. Photo © Wojciech Kosma

As live arts migrate to the screen, Claire Lefèvre wonders whether a book might more fully register and reawaken the aura of live performance


What do you miss about attending a live performance? Is it really about seeing something? Or about sensing, imagining, congregating? For me, it is the way goosebumps rise on my…

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