Marion Darova and Martina Apostolova, two women in white sneakers and dark blueish trousers and tops, on a dark bluish stage, with two floor lights behind them, in their stage duet WO MAN


Marion Darova & Martina Apostolova: WO MAN

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Marion Darova & Martina Apostolova, WO MAN. Photo © Orlin Ognyanov

Strict forms and unsettling imagery combine to dissolve gender identity


Choreographer and dancer Marion Darova and actress and performer Martina Apostolova researched WO MAN for almost a year, sticking with it through the pandemic and premiering just before Bulgaria’s second lockdown. The first act, a screen projection, uses poetic images of the performers’ androgynous bodies and faces. They play with femininity and masculinity as both inherent human aspects and as social stereotypes. They adopt attributes (strikingly yellow high heels in the black and white video), use chairs to illustrate the…

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