Photo of Mette Ingvartsen lying on stage in 21 Pornographies


Mette Ingvartsen: 21 pornographies

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‘Exhausted corpse’ – one of the many Ingvartsens in 21 Pornographies. Photo © Marc Domage

Assuming the position is at the heart of this physical exploration of erotica


Mette Ingvartsen – the choreographer and sole performer of 21 pornographies – takes an extraordinarily plural approach to the body. Although we are eventually treated to some pretty rad dance moves (there’s an excellent foray into ’60s gogo), don’t buy your ticket expecting an evening at the Bolshoi: this is definitely choreography in the broader sense of ‘a body negotiating a plan’, and Ingvartsen’s plan brings us far beyond the conventional. In fact, a lot of the movement in 21…

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