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Blue Quote Mark
Eisa Jocson’s Princess. Photo © Jörg Baumann


Oktoberdans, Bergen: minorities dance for a majority audience

By Yasen Vasilev | 29.11.18

Two programmes at Scandinavia's largest dance platform navigate the exclusivity of an ‘inclusive’ mindset

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El Conde de Torrefiel in La Plaza. Photo © Els De Nil


Towards the ‘ironic spectator’

By Anastasios Koukoutas | 27.11.18

Apathy as activism: what has become of political art and a politicised audience?

Time Icon Pink   10 min
Ivo Dimchev in Som Faves


Ivo Dimchev: Som Faves

By Alexandra Gray | 22.11.18

A maniacal movement manifesto upends audience expectations in a one-off performance at London’s Chisenhale Dance Space

Time Icon Pink   3 min


Dance+: Dead Poets Society

By Stella Mastorosteriou | 20.11.18

Show, don’t tell! A teacher’s lesson on conformity from an embodied perspective

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One body inhabited by many: Calixto Neto’s oh!rage


Black and blue at Festival Les Plateaux

By Marie Pons | 15.11.18

Choreographers Ana Pi and Calixto Neto take on ‘black dance’ on their own terms

Time Icon Pink   6 min
Igor Urzelai and Moreno Solinas, Idiot-Syncrasy


Favourite jumper: Igor & Moreno, Idiot-Syncrasy

By Ka Bradley | 13.11.18

Caring but not careful – who knew an hour of jumping up and down would touch so many people in so many ways?

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Childish Gambino, ‘This is America’


Down in one: the single-shot music video

By Daniel Pitt | 06.11.18

On the appeal and the achievement of the one-shot music video

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Dance+: American Psycho

By Róisín O’Brien | 30.10.18

Is that a raincoat or are you just glad to see me? Róisín O’Brien on the choreography of a murder

Time Icon Pink   3 min