Photo of Taneli Törmä in Sophie Bellin-Hansen’s bell-covered costume, for the second section of the triptych COVER


Taneli Törmä: COVER – A symphonic poem in three movements

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A ‘prepared body’ – Taneli Törmä in the second section of the COVER triptych. Photo © Morten Arnfred

A merger of choreography and sound installation, Finnish artist Taneli Törmä’s COVER sensitively explores the kinaesthetic experience of sound.


How to choreograph sound? Finnish artist Taneli Törmä faces the question in COVER, a triptych exploring the kinaesthetic experience of sound through space, costume and music. The first composition is performed by 48 valves controlling drops of water, an idea developed with scenographer Kasper Hansen, constructed and composed by Søren Lyngsø Knudsen. A solitary dribble drums the floor, creating a rhythmic baseline for other trickles, each with a unique intensity. The empty room transforms into a sound box: from a…

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