[image description: Katharina and Tanja are wearing the same stripy jumpsuit in colours of blues, green, reds and salmon with bare-skinned arms, shoulders and backs. Tanja is sitting on the floor with her back facing us. She has a round tattoo in the centre of her upper back. Tanja is slightly leaning to the left, which lets parts of her upper body escape the picture frame. Her head is turned to the right and her gaze is following a black crutch, which she is supporting with her stretched-out right hand. The tip of the crutch catches Katharina’s jumpsuit, furling it and revealing more of her white skin. Katharina’s two legs and her backside are visible and in a motion of moving towards the right, therefore the rest of her body is escaping the frame. It might even seem as if the crutch is luring Katharina back into the picture? End of description.]


Skype, crutches and pleasurable glitches

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“j_e_n_g_a” by two crutches, Tanja Erhart and Katharina Senk. Photo © Franzi Kreis / Im_flieger

Collaborators Tanja Erhart and Katharina Senk talk about multi-sensorial connection, technological pleasures and the aesthetics of access


Tanja Erhart and Katharina Senk are currently in the middle of a creation process for their new work j e n g a – a choreographic exploration of pleasure as a radical interface in the…

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