3 men in Timothy and the Things in László Fülöp’s choreography Hunting


Timothy and the Things: Hunting (Vadászat)

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Timothy and the Things in László Fülöp’s Hunting. Photo © Orsolya Véner

Three men hunting – but for what, for whom, and why? Anna Dohy looks to the wider stage for answers


Uncertainty and discomfort seem to be constant components of László Fülöp’s work. In Hunting, light bulbs hanging over a clear white stage might – with a bit of imagination – be seen as trees. Who are the three men we see? Rough and determined movements express masculinity, but are they brothers? Enemies? They appear in so many roles that it is hard to decide who they are. Jarring, out-of-tune music accompanies the rough movements of the dancers. The choreography builds…

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