Footballer and dancer in Vero Cendoya's La Partida


Vero Cendoya: La Partida

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The outdoor version of Vero Cendoya’s La Partida. Photo © Marti E Berenguer

Beautiful as dance can be, is it really any match for the beautiful game?


Can contemporary dance ‘steal’ followers from football and transform them into its audience? Premiered in 2015 at Fira Tàrrega as an outdoors spectacle, La Partida is Vero Cendoya’s bold attempt to engage a new audience for dance, by adapting the king of sports’ codes and ritual into choreography. Dancer, choreographer, actor and illustrator Cendoya always seeks to find a common ground between disciplines and styles in her pieces. Inspired by the film L’Arbitro by Paolo Zucca and using texts by…

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