Daniele Ninarello & Dan Kitzman, Kudoku. Photo © Anread Macchia


Daniele Ninarello & Dan Kinzelman

Sharp sound. Loud and long, coming from a completely dark stage. As layers of new tones are added, it grows from an electronically altered saxophone to a rich, symphonic sound. Performed live on the stage by one man – Dan Kinzelman. A musician with a saxophone, placed behind the mixer. But there is also another man out there. It’s Daniele Ninarello, a dancer standing on the spot under the limelight. Kudoku is a live collaboration between these two artists, a way of synchronizing music and movement.

Their communication seems to be experimental, improvised, intuitive, and Kinzelman unmistakably appears as the conductor. He is varying the sound qualities, sending loud and clear notes with vibrating and deafening accents into the atmosphere. Ninarello, on the other hand, acts like a sound catcher. An objectifier of music who is vividly describing the sensory inputs with physical movements. High sound leads to an edgy reaction. Longer tones inspire slow motion. Deep bass transforms into a waving flow through space, and a polyphonic beat transits to multiplying configurations. By the end, the combination of sound and movement is electrifying in its unification of physical and musical space.

Nadja Bozovic