Jazmína Piktorová & Sabina Bočková, Microworlds. ©Adam Mracek


Jazmína Piktorová & Sabina Bočková

Microworlds by Jazmína Piktorová and Sabina Bočková begins with a storyteller looking exactly like the magician of our childhood, explaining the rules of a treasure hunt : the quest for microworlds

We then find ourselves exploring the entrance to the performance space in the hope of discovering natural elements of an imperceptible, miniature, almost impalpable place.

Once in the performative micro-space, we encounter two dancers exploring their bodies like a landscape from which curiosities emanate. This ode is accompanied by a remarkable, immersive live musical composition created from objects recovered during our treasure hunt. 

Through an ingenious conglomeration of bodies, and with the help of a good dose of humour and magic, we observe the peregrinations of these two performers, using their fingers like characters on an endless quest. The show ends with an invitation to the audience to grab hold of the micro-accessories on stage, and take part in a communal construction game.

This micro-world revives an important thing: the chance to come together collectively and play as a tool for social emancipation.

Robin Lamothe

Microworlds is a rare opportunity to return to our childhood. The moustachioed master of ceremonies invites us to a game of seeking, holding and giving small found objects (stones, sponges, seeds).

This short treasure hunt ignites a sense of adventure and attention to space, tiny items, and each other. It’s a subtle way to put audiences young and old at ease, and create the curious mindset that really benefits the interactive moments later in the piece.

The journey continues in a suitably small black box theatre. Two bodies become landscapes with constellations of freckles scattered across moon pale shoulder blades and mountainous knees.

There is particular attention to the digits as fingers strut, dash, jump, conceal and reveal, accompanied live by a delicate soundtrack of chimes, pine cones, a ukulele and more.

Finally, we become part of the scene, coaxed onstage to build our own mini environments with a box of natural objects. It’s a delightful culmination of the journey to these peculiar Microworlds.

Hannah Finnimore

The stresses of modern life weigh heavily on us all, regardless of age. So the slightest invitation to cast them aside is usually pounced upon. But here, the escape route isn’t an unhealthy vice or being glued to a screen, it’s a charming trip back to the simplicity of infancy. A time when our own hands fascinated us, and finding a twig on the ground was enough to keep us occupied.

Created by Prague-based dance artists Jazmína Piktorová & Sabina Bočková, Microworlds conjures a sense of wonder before we’re even in our seats. Invited to take part in a treasure hunt, we seek out tiny stones and other natural objet d’art en route to the auditorium. 

On stage, two playful dancers delight in each other’s bodies: tracing the curvature of a spine, bones of a foot or freckles on a tummy. Taking two fingers for a walk, they traverse kneecap mountain or dive into belly button gorge. All the while, an exuberant foley artist creates a kaleidoscope of sounds to accompany their every move.

Kelly Apter

Presented by Jazmína Piktorová and Sabina Bocková, Microworlds offers a refreshing break from the fast-paced world and a chance to reconnect with the simplicity of nature. Engaging with small objects, audiences re-see, re-touch, re-smell and re-listen to beauty in often overlooked details.

The show begins outside the theatre, when the audience is asked to find seemingly small objects. This introduction makes us feel close to the performance space from the start. Two dancers transfer this exploration of nature to their bodies, pointing at different parts of each other’s skin with soft and playful movements. They transport viewers to a realm where ordinary things we usually pass by indifferently are seen again, the mundane becomes magical and we rediscover our inner child.

Microworlds transcends the boundaries of traditional dance, offering a multidimensional experience that resonates with audiences long after the final curtain falls. This innovative production is a testament to the power of movement and creativity to unveil the hidden beauty within the smallest of worlds.

Fatemeh Esmaeilghorbaninejad