Don’t Stop

Tereza Lenerová

Springback Members can watch the video here:

It’s true there’s no such thing as a solo: every single performer is in dialogue with other presences, be that sound, light, place, or us, the audience.

In her ‘solo’ Don’t Stop, Tereza Lenerová’s principal partner is musician Floex (Tomáš Dvořák), stationed at his sound system and sending whole discourses of sound her way: oceanic chordal washes, snippets of Vivaldi, clarinet warbles, cosmic pulses. Lenerová ‘talks back’ with ripples and ruffles of spine and leg, later with springing steps, stabbings and strokings of the air. It’s both skilfully articulate and determinedly unadorned – plain lighting, plain clothing, plain staging.

Just when you start feeling left out of this conversation, it takes a turn: lights flare and fade, sounds growl and thrash, and Lenerová, no longer eloquently upright, squirms wormlike on the floor. Beneath dialogue, the vibrations of blood, body and sensation bind our presences more intimately, more mysteriously than any music, any dance.

Sanjoy Roy