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Dance+: Mulholland Drive

Dance can slip through the nets of convention and identity – just like the films of David Lynch

Dance+: Us

Double trouble in the climactic dance scene of Jordan Peele’s 2019 horror Us

Thessaloniki Cinedance International 2020

In a city with a reputation for film festivals, the third Thessaloniki Cinedance International festival focuses on artistic crossover

Dance+: Permanent Vacation

Dance brings a moment of presence within the waking dream of a world adrift

Dance+: Giri/Haji

The BBC/Netflix crime drama Giri/Haji is another sign of mainstream media turning to contemporary dance for inspiration and innovation

Dance+: Act of Love

Animal courtship dances transformed into human choreography by Russell Maliphant, to advertise condoms

POOL International Dance Film Festival 2020

| 16.10.20

A conversation on the highlights from this year’s POOL international dance film festival Berlin, with Springback Berliners Beatrix Joyce and Evgeny Borisenko

Dance+: Moonrise Kingdom

In Wes Anderson’s 2012 film, two runaway pre-teens dance on the empty beach of an unknown land called love