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Maya Jilan Dong in Whip (Akram Khan Company, Portraits in Otherness). Costume design by Marie Cantenys.

At work: Marie Cantenys

By Marie Pons | 13.02.19

‘The garment is not the outcome, the outcome is everything together.’ Fashion designer Marie Cantenys talks about working with dancer Maya Jilan Dong

Time Icon Green   6 min

At work: Bára Sigfúsdóttir

By Marie Pons | 10.01.19

Icelandic choreographer Bára Sigfúsdóttir on working between reality and imagination

Time Icon Green   6.5 min

Springback Live at Ice Hot, Reykjavik 2018

By Sanjoy Roy | 18.12.18

Like daytime TV – but for dance addicts! Springback Magazine produced our first live stream at Ice Hot Reykjavik, December 2018

Time Icon Green   110 min


By Riikka Laakso | 25.03.18

‘We are dancers, we create the dreams.’ Albert Einstein

Time Icon Green   6 min
Screenshot of video Meytal Blanaru At Work

At work: Meytal Blanaru

By Marie Pons | 25.03.18

Brussels-based Israeli choreographer Meytal Blanaru on the workings behind her work

Time Icon Green   6 min