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Blue Quote Mark

Dance+: Love, Death & Robots

Dance and rotoscope animation combine to stunning effect in the award-winning Netflix series

Dance+: Don’t Worry Darling

The dark side of dance takes centre stage in Olivia Wilde’s tale of beauty and control

Dance+: Ex Machina

The unnerving AI disco dance in Alex Garland’s movie provokes ideas about dance, autopilot and self-programming

Dance+: La Grande Bellezza

The bump of lust and the grind of vacuity form ‘the great beauty’ that prefigures our times

Dance+: I’m Thinking of Ending Things

The dreamspaces of dance and narrative cinema coincide in the unreal romance of Charlie Kaufman’s film

The splatter dance of Smac McCreanor

Splay, squash, splash, shatter… Smac McCreanor’s twisted replications of objects breaking under pressure are comic, relatable – and addictive

Dance+: Blow-Up

Blowing up the final scene of Antonioni’s notorious film to reveal the games of reality and representation

Dance+: Material Bodies

Accessories, prosthetics, props, extensions, constructions… Dorothy Allen-Pickard’s short film on the blur between materials and bodies