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Blue Quote Mark

Dance+: Joker

A solitary dance becomes a rite of transformation in Todd Phillips’ 2019 Joker

Aerowaves Twenty 20

Full-length performance videos of the Aerowaves Twenty artists, 2020

Spring Forward 2020: The show must go on – demand!

Rijeka, Croatia

The Spring Forward 2020 online in playlist form – watch along or select your session! Hosted by Edvin Liverić in Croatia, with complete performance videos, Q&As with artists, and more

40 Winks 2020

Five-minute excerpts from 40 selected runners-up to the Aerowaves Twenty20 selection

Gaspar Noé: Climax

Gaspar Noé’s Climax is thrilling, stylish and harrowing. Its story is prefigured in the extraordinary opening dance scene

International Video Dance Festival of Burgundy

Eyeballs, Icarus and underwater football: filmmakers respond to the theme 'Surrealism' at this year's festival

Dance+: Dancing in the schoolyard

T-step on the tarmac? An innovative school principal goes viral with his plan to get kids moving

London International Screendance Festival 2019

Standouts and commentary from the first London International Screendance Festival by Springback correspondent Suzanne Frost