Joy Alpuerto Ritter, Babae. Photo © Katja Renner


Joy Alpuerto Ritter

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No matter how endlessly technology keeps satiating our already jaded lives, watching Joy Alpuerto Ritter’s dance solo BABAE in virtual reality surprisingly offered something otherworldly. Through VR goggles we peer inside a genie’s lamp, a sealed place where a lone woman is trapped. Ritter’s body is a voodoo doll, a medium through which an amalgam of life forms pass: a water bearer, a crow, a demon, a frog, a courtesan… All spirits longing for a carnal body. With her face veiled behind her hair, she erases herself to summon two squabbling figures, two Venus flytraps growing from her elastic shoulders, shaped and animated with the clawing and overstretching of her fingers. Next, she arranges five ceramic pots in space, and weaves an invisible pentagram between them like an elegant but dangerous spider. A ritual that could last eternally.

Jonas Schildermans